Website Overview

The PATRIC website  provides an entry point to integrated data and tools for bacterial infectious disease research.  The website is organized by data types and analysis tools.  Primary access is provided through the PATRIC main menu, available at the top of the home page.  The main menu options are the following:

  • Organisms –  links to bacterial data sorted into genera. On each organism page, further divisions of data types are available from the data tabs such as Overview, Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Genome List, Feature Table, Specialty Genes, etc.
  • Data – links to specialized “Data Landing Pages” that provide overview and summary information of PATRIC data, including pages for Antibiotic Resistance, Genomes, Genome Features, Pathways, Protein Families, Specialty Genes, Transcriptomics, and special featured data sets.
  • Services – links to data processing and analysis pipelines in PATRIC. Currently, services are available for processing user-supplied data including Genome Assembly, Genome Annotation, Expression Data Integration, RNA-Seq Analysis, Proteome Comparison, and Model Reconstruction
  • Tools – links to specialized data visualization and analysis tools including those for searches, comparative analyses, and visual browsers.
  • About – links to pages containing PATRIC project information, help, news, events, personnel, and contact information.

A video tutorial providing an overview of the PATRIC website is available at PATRIC Data Organization Overview Tutorial.