Download Data

Downloading Data from PATRIC

Data, in multiple formats and file types, may be downloaded from PATRIC in the following ways:

  • You can download DNA sequence of any specified genomic region using the Genome Browser. Please see Genome Browser FAQs.
  • The Download Data Tool provides files organized by genome. Files are available in various formats including, FASTA, tab delimited, and GenBank. For more information see Download Data Tool FAQs.
  • Most PATRIC tables contain a Table Toolbar, located in the light blue row, which can be used to download selected DNA and/or protein sequence data in FASTA format or to download the table itself as either an excel or txt file. For more information on using Table Toolbars, see Feature Table FAQs.
  • You may also permanently save selected items to groups within your Workspace by clicking the toolbar_icon_add features¬†Add Feature(s) button, also located in the Table Toolbar. To learn more about how to save data for future visits and utilize your personal Workspace please see Workspace FAQs.