Website Updates

PATRIC March 2013 Release Offers Multiple Website Enhancements, New Features, and New Data

Improved search capabilities, website personalization, TB annotation notes, MLST data, and more.

PATRIC December 2012 Release Provides Enhanced Support for RefSeq Names and Gene Symbols

Easily find your genes and proteins of interest.

PATRIC November 2012 Release Introduces New Transcriptomics Data and Analysis Tools and over 370 New Genomes

You may now also privately and securely upload and analyze your own unpublished gene expression data, generated by microarray or RNA-Seq technologies, and compare it with other published datasets.

PATRIC May 2012 Release Introduces New Homepage, Workflow Pages, over 1200 New Genomes and More

This release includes several completely redesigned areas of the PATRIC website, including a new homepage, several workflow pages, a consolidated tool landing page, and improved look and feel site-wide to enhance the PATRIC’s general usability.

Website Improvements; New Genome Data from RefSeq & Genbank; New Annotations via RAST.

Click for a summary of improvements and genomes available on PATRIC.

PATRIC November 2011 Release Highlights New Global Search and Enhanced Personal Workspace

Includes over 280 new genomes.

PATRIC July 2011 Release Features Integration of Genome Metadata

Includes over 750 new genomes.

PATRIC April 2011 Release Offers an Abundance of New and Enhanced Website Features, Tools, and Data

PATRIC’s April website release includes 155 new or updated genomes; new protein family and comparative pathway visualizations; user registration to save PATRIC data in your personal workspace for future use; new host-pathogen interactions; new ID mapping functionality; new compare region viewer; and much more.

New Genome Data from RefSeq & Genbank; New Annotations via RAST

Click to view specific details of the Sequence Summary.

PATRIC December 2010 Release Offers Scores of New and Improved Website Features and Data

PATRIC’s December website release now includes 296 new genomes (with RAST annotation); improved FIGfams; updated functional annotation of proteins; new plasmid specific BLAST databases; new virulence and disease pages; new phylogeny species tree viewer; new 3D structure viewer; new interactive multiple sequence alignment viewer; integration with BEIResources and Structural Genomics Centers; and much more.