Omics4TB TFOE Expression Experiments

by patricwpadmin

Mycobacterium tuberculosis senses and responds to the shifting and hostile landscape of the host. To characterize the underlying intertwined gene regulatory network governed by approximately 200 transcription factors of M. tuberculosis, we have assayed the global transcriptional consequences of overexpressing each transcription factor from an inducible promoter. We cloned and overexpressed 206 transcription factors in […]

Omics4TB ChIP-Seq Experiments

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is a pathogenic bacterium responsible for 12 million active cases of tuberculosis (TB) worldwide. The complexity and critical regulatory components of MTB pathogenicity are still poorly understood despite extensive research efforts. In this study, we constructed the first systems-scale map of transcription factor (TF) binding sites and their regulatory target proteins in MTB. […]

PATRIC Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Gene Curation

PATRIC has undertaken an antimicrobial resistance (AMR) curation effort with the goal of providing PATRIC users with the ability to rapidly recognize and project known AMR related genome features to new genomes in an automated fashion and to use comparative genomics approaches for the discovery of new resistance mechanisms. Specific Aims: Catalog published AMR related […]

PATRIC Workshop Agenda – University of Florida

AGENDA Monday, July 13, 2015 8:30am            Register for PATRIC Account 9:00am            Overview of PATRIC (www.patricbrc.org)  9:30am            Assemble a Genome in PATRIC                                Uploading reads and read libraries Selecting assembly methods for comparison Queuing jobs and retrieving results Analyzing assembly output […]