Data Releases & Updates

PATRIC March 2015 Release Features Genome Assembly and Annotation Services and over 6,000 New Genomes

This March Release begins the first stage of integration of new and updated analysis services in PATRIC, including addition of a new Genome Assembly Service, Genome Annotation Service, Differential Expression Service and enhanced Workspace to facilitate use of these services. NOTE: You must have a PATRIC user account and be logged in to use the […]

PATRIC December 2014 Release Features Additional Support and Data for Antimicrobial Resistance and over 5,000 New Genomes, Including Archaea

This December Release sets the stage for new functionality and data in PATRIC. In 2015, our primary goals are as follows: Revamp PATRIC infrastructure to support the hundreds of thousands of prokaryotic genomes that will become available over the next five years, providing real-time integration and release of data. Support end-to-end analysis of prokaryotic genomes […]

PATRIC October 2014 Release Features New Special Data Sets and Updated Project Information

Additional Special Data Sets In addition to incorporating large data sets from public repositories, PATRIC features Special Collections data pages that highlight data sets that were generated for users to use together to study a problem. Many of the collections have been generated by NIAID-funded projects to provide baseline data for further use by researchers. […]

PATRIC July 2014 Release Features New Circular Genome Viewer, Group Explorer, Integration of Protein-Protein Interaction Data, and New Genomic and Transcriptomic Data

Over 6,000 new genomes, including over 1,500 Mycobacterium tuberculosis genomes from TB-ARC.

PATRIC May 2014 Release: New Easily Accessible and Manually Curated Specialty Genes Data

Including Antibiotic Resistance Genes, Drug Targets, Human Homologs, and Virulence Factors.

PATRIC April 2014 Release: New Data Summary and Special Collections Pages

Allow for quick access to various data types and specific data collections.

PATRIC Now Has Over 15,000 Consistently Annotated Genomes!

Click to view genome and metadata details for our most recent February release.

PATRIC December 2013 Data and Metadata Release

Click to View Genomes and Information.

PATRIC September 2013 Release Highlights Multiple Analysis Tool Enhancements, New Tutorials Page, and New Genomic and Transcriptomic Data

New PIG Tool for Protein-Protein Interactions, Updated Genome Browser, Exclusive USDA Genomes, and more.

PATRIC May 2013 Release Features New Data, Improved Metadata-Site Integration and Updated KEGG Maps

New data includes over 800 genomes, over 150 GEO experiments, and genome metadata.